Steak Sessions Video Series

Steak Sessions Video Series

January 19, 2018


Ever have questions about best practices for cooking the perfect steak? Or want to brush up on the culinary basics of beef? We've partnered with St. Joseph Center in Venice, CA to answer your questions through our Steak Sessions Video Series. In the series of six videos, Chopped Champion and St. Joseph Center Chef, Derek Walker runs through everything from the basics of cuts to the slicing and serving. 

This series was filmed during a class at the St. Joseph Center's Culinary Training Program, a ten week program that prepares individuals with the skills they need to build a career in the culinary industry. Lone Mountain Wagyu donated 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef, which is featured in the series, for the class to learn from through demonstration and hands on experience. You can read more about our partnership with St. Joseph Center here.

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Lone Mountain Wagyu Steak Sessions #1 - Steak 101

Lone Mountain Wagyu Steak Sessions #2 - Preparation 

 Lone Mountain Wagyu Steak Sessions #3 - Season and Sear

Lone Mountain Wagyu Steak Sessions #4 - Resting 

Lone Mountain Wagyu Steak Sessions #5 - Slicing and Serving 

Lone Mountain Wagyu Steak Sessions #6 - Temp Check Trick 

 Bon Appetit!