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A Guide to Cutting Your Wagyu Beef Against the Grain

No matter how you slice it, Wagyu beef is some of the best money can buy. But wait. There’s definitely a right way to slice it. Read More

Oven vs. Grill vs. Skillet vs. Broiler vs. Smoker: Which Is Best for My Wagyu Beef?

Check out our detailed pro/con list to get through the life-altering decision of how to prepare your Wagyu beef. But if you’re still trapped in decision paralysis, check out our recipe page for endless inspiration. Read More

How Is Marbling Affected by a Low-Stress Grazing Environment?

If cattle are stressed, it can affect the marbling of your Wagyu beef. Here's how we work with nature, rather than taming it, to ensure great marbling. Read More

How We Pack and Ship to Ensure the Best Quality of Wagyu Beef

Learn how Lone Mountain Wagyu packs and ships Wagyu beef to ensure the best quality. Read More

A5 Rating: What Does It Mean?

Wagyu beef often exceeds USDA Prime, so it makes more sense to refer to the standards of the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA) to accurately score it. Learn more about this rating system and what it takes to be graded A5. Read More

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Intro to Wet-Aged vs. Dry-Aged Beef

Both dry-aged and wet-aged steaks are worth trying, but they each have their pros and cons, but both are worth a try. Read More

Is the Cost of Wagyu Really Worth It?

If you’ve got sticker shock on the cost of Wagyu, remember that fullblood Wagyu cattle are incredibly rare because they have to be 100 percent verifiably, genetically Wagyu. Read More

Grilling Season: The Best Wagyu Beef Cuts to Cook

Whether you’ve been grilling since you could walk or finally moved to a climate where you’re ready to embrace the culture of grilling, here are some pro tips and the best Wagyu beef cuts to get you started. Read More

Cooking Wagyu Beef Using the Maillard Reaction

The Maillard reaction is about more than looks! The reaction changes the aroma and taste of food, too, by leveling up the umami experience. The result? Golden, brown, and delicious. Read More

The History of Tri Tip

The tri tip, once known simply as “the triangle part”—is a rare gem, and one that you need to add to your grilling and roasting rotation STAT. Read More
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