Food52 Best BBQ Meat Recipe Contest

Food52 Best BBQ Meat Recipe Contest

January 19, 2018


We teamed up with Food52 to gather your best recipes for Barbecued Meats. What we received was incredible! From Grilled Whole Branzino to Sicilian-Style Grilled Steak, we were drooling over all the submissions of Summertime grilled to perfection. 

Food52 Best BBQ Meat

Food52 recreated the six recipes you all voted on as the best. The winner, Anka, took home the Wagyu with her Ribs with Black Currant BBQ Sauce. Not too sweet and easy to make, these ribs were a fan favorite. 

Ribs with Black Currant BBQ Sauce

Check them out here and get your grill on! 

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Photos from Food52

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