October 26, 2018


COTM_Blog_ImgHere at Lone Mountain Wagyu, we believe you should eat life to the fullest. And anytime something pops up that might get in the way of that lofty and important goal, we feel we ought to do something about it. 

So we did.

But before we did, we needed to make sure that this wasn’t the usual folk-science-urban-myth-fake-news sort of thing. We approach things scientifically — that’s how we’ve bred our Wagyu for the last twenty years — so we had to look at this the same way. So what did we find?

 Actually, quite a lot.

 Turns out there really is something to a Case of the Mondays. We don’t need to get into the whole thing, but there are three key standouts:

  1. DISRUPTED SLEEP PATTERNS — This was verified on a few different blogs and studies. Slight changes in sleep can have a cumulative effect down the line, so a weekend lived to the fullest can lead to a Monday where you want to do anything but.
  2. EMOTIONAL SHIFT — If you spend your weekend having a great time, when you get back to work, even if it’s not so bad, the relative shift in excitement seems far greater.
  3. LACK OF SOCIALIZATION — You may not like it, but you spend a lot more time with your work friends than you do with your real friends. Your brain is wired to socialize, and when your social group is missing, even for two days, you get glum. The irony here is that you should, in fact, look forward to Mondays.

We figured that, if we can give you something to look forward to, something that might make Monday feel more festive and special and celebratory, than perhaps the Case of the Mondays can be cured. 

Wagyu, as you know, has a lot of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, both of which have been shown to help ease depression. Combine that with the mood-lifting power of any creative endeavor, and you’ve got a powerful antidote to the Monday blues.

Enter our CASE OF THE MONDAYS. We took a few of our less flashy cuts and put them together so that Monday might pass more smoothly. To make dinner (or lunch) a bit more exciting, we’ve put together a whole bunch of recipes that will inspire you to try something new. We hope you will. You can find them here.

 Oh… we also shot a couple of commercials that bring the whole horror of Monday to life.

 So, if you feel a Case of the Mondays coming on, we may have just the thing.

Hope your week goes great from here on out. Remember to eat life to the fullest.

Your friends at Lone Mountain Wagyu


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