Mediterranean Inspiration at Boulud Sud

Mediterranean Inspiration at Boulud Sud

January 09, 2018


 Dinner at Boulud Sud

All images from Boulud Sud

When meat aficionados hear Wagyu they often think Japanese fare. Which makes complete sense. So it excites us when we see our Wagyu beef transformed on the plates of different styles of cuisine. 

Recently, Boulud Sud, the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant concept by culinary icon Chef Daniel Boulud, has been featuring our Lone Mountain Wagyu Coulotte (Sirloin Cap) on their menu. The Coulotte is a fantastic combination of flavor, tenderness and just the right amount of marbling. Executive Chef Travis Swikard and his team do a wonderful job highlighting our beef as an ingredient in their cuisine. Our beef is not treated as just another piece of meat but rather as a precious commodity that deserves the great attention and care that they are ready to give it..

We are incredibly proud to partner with this vibrant Manhattan arm of the Boulud group. Every dish is prepared with the utmost attention to detail, from individual ingredient sourcing, flavor composition, to artistic presentation. 

boulud sud dinner

boulud sud dinner

boulud sud dinner

Visit Boulud Sud at:

20 West 64th Street New York, NY 10023

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