Meat Matters

Wagyu Classifications in the United States

What is Wagyu? What's Fullblood? How is it different from Kobe? And what's "crossbred"? Here, we parse it all. Read More

Wagyu Around the World

Take a magical virtual tour around the world to learn about the history and context of Wagyu cattle and beef. Read More

How Our Herd Started - The Story Behind Lone Mountain Wagyu Beef

Lone Mountain's obsessive quest for Wagyu excellence began as many quests do, with a eureka moment at dinner. Read More

You Know Wagyu. Now Let's Talk Tajima.

You can't talk about the glory of Wagyu without looking closely at the Tajima strain of Japanese Black wagyu. Read More

Why Is Wagyu Beef So Expensive?

The foodgasmic taste of Fullblood Wagyu beef comes at a cost, and only after an obsessive crafting quest. Read More

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